Seriously friends, this is one of the most spectacular bathrooms in one of the most amazing homes you’ll ever see!  The DKDR staff had the privilege of assisting with designing one of the most spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright inspired homes here in Wisconsin.  The entire house is unbelievable and this master bathroom is designed in a way that gives you plenty of room and at the same times feels cozy and luxurious.  The DKDR staff outdid themselves on this project.  You can visit the Showcase Page to see more interior images.  This is one home that when you enter you don’t want to leave.

The Nelson home is big, really big – but it doesn’t feel big.  It feels like home.  What’s also interesting is that every inch of space inside and outside the home is used to perfection.  There isn’t a room anywhere that you have to wonder how it will be utilized.

Some DKDR staff members have been to both Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin homes: one in Spring Green, Wisconsin and his Taliesin West home in Scottsdale, AZ so we know something about his life as well as his design and architectural philosophy.  The natural light coming in from windows near the ceiling and all around the house made some of the rooms incredibly bright.  Even on a cold blustery day the rooms are warm from all the Frank Lloyd Wright natural light coming in.  This was one fantastic project and it took nine months to build.

Frank Lloyd Wright is all about building something that blends into the natural landscape of your surroundings and the feeling that you get when inside one of his homes should be the same feeling you get when you’re outside.  He believed that you should never build a home on top of a hill but build it “into” the hill so as to not ruin the natural landscape.  The windows in this house show the outside from every angle and it’s spectacular.  No window in the house shows you the driveway.  Every view looking out is scenery with no automobiles to clutter up your vision.  <a title=”Visit Hart DeNoble Builders” href=””>Hart DeNoble Builders </a>assisted with DKDR and designed the house this way.  Genius!  DKDR highly recommends Hart DeNoble if you’re considering building a home.

What’s also very interesting is that so many of the interior walls are natural stone and with ten foot high windows from the floor up throughout the house and there isn’t room for a lot of artwork.  You don’t really need it and the walls don’t look bare.  It’s remarkable!  Looking out the windows to the natural world is your framed artwork. You have to love Frank Lloyd Wright.  If you saw this home you would be in awe.

The shingles are natural, the siding is cedar shakes, and the gutters and downspouts are copper.  Yes friends, copper gutters AND downspouts. . . . !  That is a classy touch that doesn’t go unnoticed.  When you drive up the road that takes you to the house the sun shining off all the copper is incredible.  The exterior copper will patina in about a year to a nice natural copper green.  Frank would be proud!  Speaking of copper, the pool is spectacular and along the end of the pool overlooking the valley, of course, are large bowls filled with natural rock and flames come out of the bowls just before the water spills over a waterfall.  There’s also copper torches that shoot flames 10 feet into the air on either side of the spacious patio which also overlook the valley.  Even when you’re outside you still can’t see the driveway.  It’s like once you enter the house the driveway disappears.  Crazy!  I love it.  Please know that this home has a five car garage and a circular round-a-bout driveway that can park about a dozen cars so making it ‘disappear’ is no small feat.  I know I’m kind of obsessing about this but I like to think about the not so obvious details.

All of us at DKDR are so excited about this house and it’s exciting to even talk about it here.  Give us a call and let’s build an exciting home for you too.