I know there’s a large push for colorful appliances but I’m going to add in my two cents just for fun. I don’t think so! There you have it. That’s worth about two-cents.

One of the things that I love is time-honored traditions. I grew up this way and it has stuck with me. If I had a cabin in the north woods I would like it to look like a cabin. It needs to fit my mental picture and my dreams of the north woods. No gas fireplaces in my cabin only real wood that I split myself. I would not want a cabin that looked like a house in the suburbs. It should look like a cabin otherwise what the point. These things just make sense to me.

I feel the same way about many things for your home and mine especially when it comes to the kitchen. I would become tired of a blue refrigerator or even a painted one that looks like a Jackson Pollack painting. Or, one that looks like an old British phone booth. Really? After about one month I would have all of those items on Craig’s List going for cheap.

Stainless is timeless.

It never gets old or tired and it works with literally everything in your kitchen. Remember the good old days when the refrigerators were called ice boxes and they were white and it had the horizontal door handle? I do. They were around for a century until one day a stainless fridge showed up and that was all she wrote. If you have one now you’re considered eclectic and quirky. Some companies make new refrigerators look like those old ice boxes and they look wonderful and nostalgic but I just couldn’t put one in our kitchen.

For me, if you want color get a funky mix master with all the cool colors. Spice up your kitchen with great colored canisters and a red toaster and super cool coffee maker. Stainless appliances make your kitchen look professional, new and clean. Clean is a very good thing when guests come over. Remember the good old days when the oven was goldenrod or olive green? I do. I used to deliver them as a teenager.

A stainless 36″ dual fuel Wolf range with their signature red knobs is amazing and it will instantly become the centerpiece of your kitchen. All your family and friends will gather around it and they look at it and they tell you that they dream about having one. At least that’s what happens at our house every time we have guests over. That beauty is a work of art and it gets polished all the time just because when you have a great kitchen it’s fun to keep it clean.

I understand some things can be brought into the color scheme of your new kitchen design. I always thought a copper hood vent would be a fantastic accent piece for a lofty kitchen with stone walls and tall ceilings. Copper and stone re a natural combination together.  I think a beautiful backsplash can accent your kitchen in amazing ways. (While I’m saying that I don’t like the basics to be colorful, I have to admit that the La Cornue range is AWESOME! But, I’m not spending $25,000 for one either but if you can work this unit into your new kitchen, do it!)

So, my two-cents is a personal value proposition that works for me in our house and I’m lucky I have a wife who agrees with me on most of it. I love things that are warm and cozy and comfortable even if they are a little too familiar. On a winters day and night I want to curl up in comfort and surround myself with things I love and a great looking kitchen is a good place to start.