Remodeling your condo?

DreamHouseKevenSchmidt-526x338Who doesn’t want to live downtown? Any downtown. Condos have a distinct advantage over rural living for all the obvious reasons. If you’re the kind of person who loves to just walk out their door and is a stones throw to the best restaurants, night clubs, art galleries, farmers market’s, art fairs the Memorial Union and now the new Edgewater Hotel, then living in a condo downtown is the place for you.

Now that you found the perfect spot to live you may want to remodel your condo to make your new home the most amazing place to live. What do you do now?  There’s a great deal to consider but the first thing you should do is;

Go for experience, always!

At Dream House Dream Kitchens we understand the challenges associated with a condo remodel, and how to get it done with minimal disturbances to your neighbors and we have our own crews that have special knowledge and skills reducing the use of subcontractors.

Things are different for condos such as plumbing, electrical; HVAC and venting for fireplace installation and even range hoods have special requirements. There are many things to consider when remodeling a condo.

Dream House Dream Kitchens has the expertise and experience to handle the job for a small one bedroom condo all the up to a major renovation for Nolan_Shore_012your penthouse. We’ve done this too many times to count and not everyone can do it and do it right.

Our crews understand the limited space for remodeling knowing that shared walls can complicate a condo remodel. In addition, most condo associations restrict the hours that construction workers are on site to minimize disruptions to other residents. Parking for crew members, material deliveries and waste removal also pose unique challenges.

Any home remodel can be a stressful endeavor, to say the least. But for condo owners, that stress can rapidly intensify — especially when it comes to adhering to the special rules and regulations involved. Noise and dust quickly come to mind.

So, before you take on your condo remodel talk to us first and we can help you from beginning to end and be with you every step along the way. Go for experience, always!

You can view a condo remodel right here.