While few design trends make it through an entire year without losing their luster, there are a handful of trends that have rolled over from previous years that aren’t going anywhere. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites that are still on the hot list.

light woods

Light-colored Wood.
While darker wood species, such as a standard oak or maple may be considered classic… we are still in love with the 2014 trend of light-colored wood! The use of blonde wood species (such as Birch or Bamboo) is a trend that grew rapidly in 2014 is continuing to see grow… and we’re all for it! These lighter woods are a refreshing way to make any space feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming!

bar carts

Bar Carts.
Bar. On. Wheels. Need we say more? This rapidly-growing trend may as well be dubbed a “timeless classic.” After all, what’s not to love about having all of your cocktail ingredients conveniently mobile and close at hand? For homeowners who are crunched on extra square footage (or money), this is still a great way to incorporate a “bar” into your home with a bit more flexibility… saving both your space and your wallet!


Two-Toned Kitchens.
Last year may as well have been called “The Year of the Two-Toned Kitchen” by popular demand, and guess what?… This trend is here to stay! Two-toned kitchen cabinetry is a great way to add contrast and interest to a kitchen, allowing homeowners to add color diversity and emphasis or highlight specific areas in the space. The two-toned trend is one that we’ve seen for years and we’re happy to see it stick around for 2015!

reclaimed wood 2

Reclaimed Wood.
Another trend that we’ve seen for years… the use of reclaimed wood has been a mainstay of DIY projects and DIY renovations of all kinds! Whether being used for walls, floors, ceilings, furniture or accessories — (ba-da-ba-ba-ba) we’re still loving it! And, reclaimed wood is beginning to creep over into even the most refined projects, adding a fresh, rustic element even to classic designs.


Wall Paper.
Sure, wallpaper has been around for decades. However, until recent years, wallpaper carried with it a negative stigma. (Okay, maybe it still does to some!) But, here’s the truth — wallpaper has evolved into something amazingly awesome. There are so many more options than the standard damask, striped, or hideous floral that was available decades ago. The diversity of wallpaper design is allowing homeowners to really make a statement, bringing rooms to life with infinite design possibilities.


While some of these trends may fizzle out over the next few years, some may become modern day “classics” that we’ll continue to see for years to come. Design trends are ever-changing, and even as trends carry over – we love to watch as they evolve into something even grander.

New 2015 Trends We LOVE…

black kitchen

Black Kitchens.
If you’re not set on having an all-white kitchen, consider looking to the opposite end of the spectrum. While white kitchens have been a timeless look that homeowners have loved for years, black kitchens are a new, fresh way to make a strong, sleek, and sexy statement.

gold fix

Warm Metal Accents.
While silver, chrome, and stainless have been the most commonly chosen metallics used in kitchen design over the past years — watch for warmer colored metals, such as glorious gold, to make a comeback this year!


Tangible Textures.
This year, think materials in their natural form. Wood with a textured, rough look instead of a glossy or smooth finish. Natural marble and granite in raw honed finishes and engineered stones that replicate this are materials we are thrilled to be seeing on the rise!

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