Like it or not, another white winter is just around the corner. But, just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you can’t warm things up inside. Terri Schmidt, Owner/Director of Design at DreamHouse/DreamKitchens, offers her expert advice on ways that you can cozy up your bedroom during another cold Wisconsin Winter.


Add a Fireplace. Aside from the actual heat the fireplace will provide the space, the addition of a fireplace will create a romantic ambiance in the space. Turn it on before reading in bed and enjoy both the warmth and relaxing ambiance it creates.


Add Warm Colors. Sometimes warmth is a matter of perception. Warm colors and textures make you feel warmer so this is a terrific “quick fix” for a cold space… simply update some of your decor. Add a burst of warmth with some fabulous new throw pillows, decorative lamps, or a quilted coverlet that can be folded or thrown at the foot of your bed when not in use.


Mix Rich Textures. The easiest way to make your bedroom feel cozy and comfortable is to introduce more texture, layers and details to the space. Layering pillows on your bed as you would see in an upscale hotel suite will give your room a luxe, welcoming feeling. Add another textural layer to your bed by topping it with a unique throw or blanket at the foot of the bed.


Go Green.
Adding some new plants and flowers to your room is a great way to fill your apartment with warmth and life. So, add some fabulous new potted plants or fresh flowers to make your room look lively. Choose plants and flowers that thrive well with minimal light and a limited amount of care, like a peace lily, African violet or a Boston fern.


Light it up. Another important way to make your space feel warm is to use both natural and artificial lighting elements to add coziness to a room. One simple solution is by placing some new candles around the room, as candlelight tends to soften a room and add to the cozy atmosphere.


Spring for Fabulous Curtains.
If you don’t already have drapery that you are happy with, think about purchasing panels to add drama and more luxurious texture to the space. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding curtains around your bed, similar to the idea of a canopy.


Over time, the curtains on the canopy began to be used more for privacy than for utility. Today, draping curtains around the bed can add a touch drama to the room. This added romantic drapery will warm your space up, indefinitely!


Incorporating even one of these tricks into your bedroom’s design will surely cozy up your room in no time!
Stay warm… <3