Are you in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel and are trying to decide what countertops to use? Then here are some tips for you to consider when choosing between granite and quartz.


Granite is time tested and the natural stone colors and choices are seemingly endless. I love granite countertops but I’m not convinced it’s the only choice for countertops. In some homes, granite is the only logical choice but in modern and contemporary homes this look can be a bit heavy and out of place in the kitchen. So the first thing you need to do is determine what kind of home you live in and what look are you trying to achieve in your kitchen. If you have an unlimited budget then I’m sure you can find a piece of granite that is so beautiful you have to have it no matter what style of house you live in.

I strongly believe in balance and proportion relative to focal points so rooms need to flow and work together to create a pleasing to the eye experience. I like and need things to compliment each other no matter what room I’m in and this is especially important in the kitchen. Granite counter tops and large round wooden cutting boards with stainless sinks are a fantastic look. A large wooden island top would easily compliment a room along with mixing colors on the cabinets. Beautiful!

Most of the time the focal point of the room is the range and everything else fans out from there. The range is where all the action is and it’s where your family and friends gather.

If you have a working kitchen island and a cutting board station and your kitchen is large then it seems only natural that granite is the smart choice. As I mentioned, there are a lot of variables to consider. Have you thought about mix and matching granite and a wood countertop section to break up the heavy appearance of granite? You can also do this with quartz, by the way.

Other mitigating factors to consider.

What do the ceiling and the floor look like in your remodel? Is the floor wood or tile? What about the backsplash? Having bold granite counter tops and then a bold highly decorated backsplash can create and powerful design feature but does that fit the overall look you’re going for?

Granite is a natural stone so you can pull pots and pans right out of the oven and set it on top. You can’t do that with quartz. Granite has unlimited looks but those stunning looks come with a hefty price tag, too.


Quartz is a manufactured stone so the looks tend to be cleaner and appear more solid in color but you can get just about any color you want although quartz is less heat resistant than granite. I love quartz because it’s a cleaner look and it’s easy to accessorize the backsplash and the items you place on top like Espresso makers and mix masters. Those items just seem to pop and ad warmth to the kitchen.

This look goes well with contemporary homes with tons of windows with a modern design. The colors of quartz seem to be much less and they appear solid at times which is the complete opposite of granite. (Although you can find a solid color piece of granite if you look hard enough.)

You’re not going to get a price break on quartz as the price is very close per square foot installed. The cost of quartz ranges between $85 – $145 and granite is around $85 – $175 installed. Some would say that if the price is approximately the same then why not go with granite? Good question. The answer depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

So, the bottom line is this – both granite and quartz have a solid place in any remodel for your kitchen. Working with a Dream House designer will guide and point you in the right direction. That’s the fun part!