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Ahhhh!  The great room!  The room that combines all the elements of your lifestyle into one magnificent space.  Great rooms are very popular with urban and high rise living where a glass wall of windows separates you from the spectacular view of the cityscape.  But now, great rooms can be added to almost any design plan.  The open air design is especially nice for smaller homes as it makes them seem bigger and when you design a great room for a larger home it adds to the grandeur.  Either way you win and the room is amazing.

I can picture major renovation projects of toy factories, brewery’s and warehouses with old brick walls and wooden floors with large spaces to add all the elements of the great room.  The dining area, the living room and the kitchen make for a lofty Manhattan or Chicago feel and when you add in the new energy efficient warehouse windows and the open ceiling the look is stunning.

Great rooms are all about space planning and catering to your lifestyle.  Many people build traditional homes and leave the lower level for a great room design.  I like this idea as it opens up a room for all kinds of entertainment but leaves the upper level a little more intimate.  But you can easily have great rooms on both levels.

The great room featured here combines living room, dining room and the kitchen in the middle.  You can enter the sprawling two level deck from the center and enjoy a spectacular view of the lake below.  The open feel in a room like this is warm and inviting and the view of the outside world is enjoyed from every spot on this level.

If you have any questions about great rooms or any room for that mater please don’t hesitate to call me.  I’m sure that between you and I we can come up with a stunning room you and your family will love.

Keven Schmidt

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