The Inspiration.
The polls are in, and one of the hottest colors to watch for in 2015 is this fabulously vibrant Greek Blue! What’s not to love? It’s the color of the sea, the sky, and some of the most magnificent rooftops in Santorini, Greece. With both vibrant and soothing effects, this color is a must-do for 2015.

greek blue - greece

Here are some easy ways to incorporate this stunning color into your home to create a true Greek experience for your friends and family this year!

Paint it Blue.

Feeling really bold? Try one of these fabulous blue paint colors by Sherwin Williams! If you don’t want to paint an entire room, just paint an accent wall. If you don’t want to paint any walls, consider this… Add a Greek Blue entrance to your home or specialty room by painting your doors in a deep, vibrant blue for a true Greek feel! Or, paint a piece of accent furniture such as an end table.

walls  endtable
doors SW - Indigo
Designer Hint… Try this color: Sherman Williams Indigo (SW 6531)

Colored Appliances.
One of the most rapidly growing trends is colored appliances – big and small – such as the washer and dryer, ovens, mixers, coffee makers, and everything in between. We love this, and it’s a great way to add some quick bright colors into your home!


Tile for Style.
Add a punch of Greek to your kitchen or bathroom by using a bold blue backsplash.

tile  bathroom

Blue Seating.
A stylish and chic accent chair, love-seat or couch can be a great way to add that Greek feel to a living, dining, or sitting room.

chair  livingroom

 Rug Love.
A quick and cost-effective way to add the pizzazz of this Greek Blue room to any room is to throw down a new dynamic rug with some great textures/patterns!

modern-rugs  rug

Or… Keep it simple.
Smaller accents, such as throws, accent pillows, candles, wall decor, or dinnerware can be purchased in a rich, vibrant Greek blue for a big statement on a smaller budget!

mirror blue pillows
          runner               lamp

It doesn’t matter how you use this magnificent color – boldly or simply – it’s sure to add some style to your home!