The job was simple: remodel the inside of the house, including the kitchen, to match our contemporary lifestyle in our country setting home!  Hmmmmmm!  Got it!  We listened very carefully because we wanted to make sure we understood exactly what was needed here.   This project was fantastic and the interior remodel looked stunning when the DKDR staff of designers and craftsmen worked their magic on it.  Amazing!  Even the front door when you walked up to the house told a story of what you were about to see when you entered.  I love everything about this home and when you have a group of talented people working on a project like this it’s exciting to watch how it all comes together in the end.

The rural setting and the landscaping of this home makes you feel like you’re in wine country and you’re going in for a tour and a tasting.  The metal sculpture and the flowers are almost Shakespearean in appearance and you can’t stop looking at all the interesting and unusual flowers and plants.

When you enter through the front door you immediately notice the artwork and the fact that you can see down the hallway into the kitchen and out into the incredible back yard.  The back wall windows are so big in the kitchen and living area that it’s like you’re actually part of the back yard and, let me tell you friends, this is a wonderful backyard.  There’s a door in the kitchen that walks out onto a deck where you can sit and enjoy the masterful landscaping of paths, ponds and bird feeders and bird baths.  The flowers, shrubs, and fragrances are overwhelming and if you’ve never been to wine country this is what it’s like.  What’s interesting today in designing your home or remodel is that bringing the outdoors into your home is a big trend and everyone can accomplish this with a little planning.  Even if you don’t have the landscaping finished you can always start with one plant at a time and build that look as you go.

The living area is open and connects the kitchen and living room beautifully.  The wood floor throughout the lower level is gorgeous and the warmth of this home is felt immediately.  The art is incredible and fits perfectly and you immediately feel that the Groh’s wanted a home where family can relax and have fun.  This is a fun house with all sorts of interesting rooms and things to look at.  You can visit the <a title=”The Groh Residence” href=””>showcase page</a> and view numerous images of this fantastic home.

Some of the unique spaces we created were spectacular and a wonderful use of space.  A wine cooler and a little drink preparation area is right off the kitchen on the way to a large office.  The small bathroom near the kitchen is stunning and contemporary with subtle details that are bright and fun.

What you quickly notice more than anything is how personal this home really is.  They’re art collectors and it shows. Each room contains a magnificent art form of some kind and the windows show the natural art form of landscaping as you look outside.  The personal touches and the details take center stage for this family and the house is gorgeous.