Master Suites

Master Suites

The master suite is where kings and queens live out their dreams.  What’s better than that?  Even the name itself conjures up luxurious thoughts and memories of private little get-a-ways when you shut the door to the rest of the house.  I like to take that dream a step further and add a space outside on a secluded patio or a deck to enjoy in the spring, summer and even into the fall.  Take your cup of coffee and sit in the warm air before the day begins or, take in some fresh evening air before the day ends.  You can feel the stress melt away.  The master suite is a treat for the senses as you can do so many little things to make this area special.  Fireplaces, hidden TV’s, large bath tubs for two, walk in closets and reading areas off to the side.

At DKDR the master suite is one of the most talked about rooms in the home because most of the time people will build or remodel their home thinking about how the home will work when family and friends come to visit but, the master suite is all about the couple.  It’s the little things that make the room important and fun.

I love to travel so I like to think of the master suite as mini vacation right in your own home.  Some of the best places I’ve been to around the country are so fantastic it’s hard to pack up and leave.  So when I hear the words “master suite” I think of my travels and my favorite places to go and what made them so great.  Quiet, peaceful and serene places designed around luxury and comfort.

DKDR can design incredible master suites for your home as well.  Think about some of your favorite places and bring them in.  I’ll show you what we can do for you with your master suite.

Keven Schmidt

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