They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but perhaps you might change your mind when you take a look at the Corkcicle Color which will come in blue, green, orange and pink shades. After all, anytime is always a good time for some wine, and when you pair it up with the right kind of fine dining food, it becomes exquisite. Thing is, when you live in an area that is enveloped in a warm climate, the big challenge when it comes to drinking wine is in keeping the wine chilled.

CorkciclePerhaps it is time to forget about drippy ice-buckets, as the Corkcicle Color will be able to slot comfortably right into the top of your bottle, ensuring that your wine remains chilled from within while keeping out any of them nasty insects who decide to make your bottle of wine their temporary home. The Corkcicle Color is made from a thermal gel which has been completely sealed from within the elegant icicle shape, ensuring that it will be able to retain its temperature for a longer period than ice, and far more important, ensuring that your favorite wine does not end up diluted after a while.

Hammacher has had its fair share of “the best” series of appliances, and here we are with yet another onetoday, where it will grace the kitchen counter. After all, where else would you store your knives, no? The $219.95 Best Electric Knife Sharpener is on our list of gizmos to cover for today, where it is said to produce the sharpest, most resilient edges. After all, during testing, knife blades were dulled through the running of them along cement blocks up to 100 times before testing commenced.

The blades that had gone through the Best Electric Knife Sharpener were said to chop spaghetti squash with little effort, as well as slice smoothly through sheets of paper – perhaps even putting a shade of green on Wolverine’s face along the way. As for serrated knives sharpened using this bad boy, they were cut easily through cardboard, whereas lesser knife sharpener models were unable to sharpen any toothed blades. It is said that the Electric Knife Sharpener picked up the “Best” moniker because it relied on 100% diamond abrasives and stropping discs in order to grind and polish an edge while restoring its original sharpness, and best of all is, taking a mere 10 seconds to do so. A built-in magnet will help catch knife blade shavings for an easy cleanup process afterwards, and this has proven to be one of the quietest models.

There is nothing quite like a piping hot cup of coffee for you to begin the day with, and while some of us are able to make do with any kind of coffee without havingKnife sharpener to complain, while others are far more picky with their taste buds. Well, you know what they say – if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself, and here we are with the $49.99 Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder.

Coffee grinderBasically, with the Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder, you are able to grind it the way you want it, where there is a ceramic burr grinder that is hard and durable, and it does not only do coffee since it is fully adjustable and boasts of multi-use capability, letting you grind tea and spices to boot. The glass container that accompanies the Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder is capable of holding 100 grams of coffee. Hmmm, writing this does make me feel like getting my own cuppa, and forget about the 3-in-1 sachets already.