That’s a big decision but hopefully we can make it a little easier for you.  The first thing you have to know as a couple is if you’re both on the same page. Friends and family will counsel you to leave that old house and buy something new. Others might say that you should tear down your current home and build a new home on the same spot.  (To be honest that option doesn’t happen very often.)  The last option is to remodel.  I’m going to say that this is the best option and, if you plan it right, you can live in the home while the remodel is going so you don’t have to find alternate living quarters.

When people think about remodeling the first thing they want to improve is the kitchen and then spin off from there.  The kitchen makes sense as it’s the most popular room in the home and next to the bedroom and its where you spend most of your time.  Once you make the decision to stay in your current home and remodel the kitchen, the house takes on a new life and you’re glad you stayed.  A new kitchen will change your life.  Trust me on this.  I’ve heard our clients say this to me countless times over the years.  New kitchens are fun!



Once the kitchen goes in then the living room is improved and an addition is added.  Then, the lower level is renovated and suddenly you’re living in a new house at the same location.  But here’s the downside to this option and please don’t take this personally.  The reason a remodel isn’t always an option is because people today are very impatient.  We live in a ‘I-want-it-NOW-world’ that is hard to over come for some clients.  If you have a little patience and can handle a little discomfort then a remodel far outweighs moving to a new home that you will more then likely have to remodel anyway.  I’ve seen this happen many times as well.  By the time it took to sell your house find another house and then go through the hassle of moving you could have completed the remodel and be done with it.  But that’s just me.



The average kitchen remodel takes about three to four months once the project starts and this time frame is contingent on other factors that we may not be able to control, like weather.  Weather becomes an issue if exterior walls need to removed or added or the roof needs to be raised, etc.,

Other issues like electrical upgrades come into play if the home is older.  Electrical panel upgrades take time but, once again, life after an electric panel upgrade is wonderful.  And, with new lighting technology that seems to change by the hour, lighting is super cool today and you’re going to need a 200 amp panel to support all the fun gadgets available to you.  I like to imagine how many things in the house we can control today with our phones.  Amazing!

There are other things to think about when making the decision to stay in you current home and remodel, like zoning restrictions and if what you want done can be done based on the structure of your home.  There’s a great deal to consider when making the decision to remodel or move to another home so, please contact us and let us help you make the decision.  We do this for a living and have a great deal of experience with pointing you in the right direction.