After the harsh cold days the last month, I think that we all share in the excitement that Spring is inching closer and closer every day! With the chill of winter finally coming to an end, it’s time to get in that last ski run, box up the snowflake decor, and start prepping for Spring! Below are a few things that will help you get into the Spring spirit!

1. Remove your storm windows and put up your screens.
If you used storm windows during the winter, take them down and put up window screens. If it’s a nice enough weekend, take advantage of the opportunity to clean the windows, too!

2. Warm-up your gardening tools.
Sharper blades make for easier trimming, so bring in your gear from the shed so you’re ready to go when the lawn needs its first trim!

3. Check the exterior of your home.
Once winter storms have passed, check the exterior of your home for any signs of damage, from roof to foundation.

4. Pull out your outdoor furniture.
Even though it’s far from porch-sitting weather yet here in Wisconsin, just seeing your porch furniture out there can be enough to lift your spirits… it means Spring is almost here! Plus, getting things set up early will give you time to inspect your chairs, benches and cushions, and replace or repair worn-out pieces.

5. Make a fresh start in your kitchen.
Clear the last of the Christmas cookie makings from the back of the pantry, shine up the stove backsplash, wipe out the veggie drawers in the fridge and clear the gunk from those hard-to-reach spots around appliances. A few hours of work will make your kitchen shine and set the stage for cooking healthy spring meals.

6. Bring in a touch of Spring.
Help usher in the season with colors and accessories inspired by new growth. Try a fresh spring green or pale sky-blue wall color, blooming bulbs, houseplants, a new painting or art print, or botanically inspired decor.

7. Remove winter layers and rotate mattresses.
Feeling a bit stifled under a pile of thick duvets? Swap out heavy winter bedding for lighter-weight quilts and coverlets. Also consider changing deep-pile rugs for flat-weave or natural-fiber versions for the warmer months. While you are sprucing up the bedroom, don’t forget to rotate your mattress!

8. Clean your carpets and soft furnishings.
Have carpeting steam-cleaned and send out area rugs for professional cleaning. Launder washable curtains, furniture slipcovers, pillow covers and shower curtains. If you’re done with those heavy duvets, have them cleaned before you put them back into storage!

9. Clean light fixtures and fan blades.
Have you taken a close look at your light fixtures lately? Use a vacuum with an attachment or a long-handled duster to clean pendant lights, chandeliers and fan blades. If you need to get closer, use a sturdy stepladder, not a chair. And don’t forget to clean the floor when you’re done – some of that dust is bound to end up there!

10. Think about your next home project.
With Spring comes the urge for change! Spring is a great time to think about ways to make your home more custom to you and your family’s lifestyle. Start researching ways that you could make your home your dream home using websites like and Or swing into a local design & remodeling firm – we just happen to know someone who works there…


Until next time… enjoy the rest of your winter and dream big!