For the love of sconce!  One of the best accessories to your new home or remodel is the the sconce.  Why?  because lighting is everything and with an unlimited selection of sconces you have the ability to control the ambiance of a room and the light with sconces.  You can add sconces to stairs, along side doors fireplaces and artwork as well as hallways dinning rooms and living rooms.  A sconce can light up artwork and be used as a feature decorations for in an out of the way places.  The unlimited use for sconces provides many opportunities for great rooms and they’re not that expensive, for what use they provide.

Sconce1We have come a long way with sconces as the first sconces used were in caves as a torch was lit and strategically hung on a wall at an angle as you wound your way deeper and deeper into the blackness.  You can almost see the visual here when you think of Indiana Jones or Treasure island.  Today, of course, the sconce is considered one of the best accessories to any home, plus, they’re interchangeable.  Once the power andSconce3 the socket is there you can change them out as your taste changes over the years unlike recessed lighting in your ceiling.

What I like about a sconce is that they can wash the wall both up and own from the source light.  They use little or no energy and the bulb is usually small and you can dim them.  The added light interest creates a warm glow and is much more interesting and enjoyable.  Have you ever heard anyone say how cool the recessed lighting is?  No you have not but you will often hear how wonderful the sconce is.