Walk-in closets come in varying sizes, with the smallest only allowing room for a single person to stand and some of the largest being the size of room. When configuring a walk-in closet, much of the design needs to follow from the size of the closet. As nice as seating can be in a walk-in closet, it does not fit in the smaller ones. Likewise, the more space that is in a closet, the more features it can have, such as a dressing area. Does this Spark an idea?

Small Size Walk-In Closet Ideas

Small walk-in closets allow you to enter, stand and close the door, but from there, little else is possible. A small walk-in closet does not lend itself to benches or seating, and therefore, does not easily allow lingering. The small walk-in closet allows you a private space to change clothing, but still requires careful planning to make sure that the space is used effectively, as there is usually none to waste.

walk in closet2A small walk-in closet generally has three solid walls and one wall with a door taking up most of the wall. Since functionality is the main goal of a small walk-in closet, leave the center area clear to have room to access all the walls. Go vertical with storage. Stack storage and place shelves all the way up to the ceiling. Hang hooks on walls that don’t have space for shelving to hang belts, scarves and ties.

Medium Size Walk-In Closet Ideas

In medium size closet, there is room to walk around the space. It can be separated into different spaces and functions in the same way as a small room. In a medium size walk-in closet, there is room to comfortably add a bench or other seating. If you place your storage well in a medium size closet, you can create a modest dressing room out of the space.

If you have a larger central area in the closet, place a bench there, preferably one with storage. This can help when putting on shoes. Attach a full-length mirror to the door so you can try on many outfits and check them without leaving the closet. Consider placing a free-standing shelving unit that is accessible from both sides behind the bench. On these center shelves, store either folded clothing or place baskets filled with different types of jewelry or accessories. Place hooks on the sides of the shelving unit to store belts or long necklaces. Roll up T-shirts and other casual clothing and place them in baskets. If you have both room and a wall outlet, mount a half-size ironing board to the wall and create an ironing station.

Large Walk-In Closet Ideas

A large walk-in closet has plenty of room and is often almost as big as a bedroom, if not larger. A large walk-in closet is sometimes referred to as a dressing room and is likely to be part of a master bedroom suite. These large closets may include windows or skylights.

Separate large closets into spaces with different purposes. Make a shoe area with shoe storage, shoe care items and a comfortable bench. Place a vanity mirror with a table and chair for a makeup station. If you have windows, create a specific window seat space for relaxation. On the perimeter of the space, use matching custom closet storage to keep everything neat. Make sure to set up a triple bag laundry hamper to separate clothing for the wash without leaving the space. These are particularly useful when they have wheels.

Make sure to consider lighting for the closet. A large closet needs an ample amount of lighting. In a luxury closet, using a chandelier as a centerpiece adds a touch of elegance, while recessed lighting in the shelves and ceiling can light individual items.