Let us add to your dream home.


Dream House Dream Kitchens is adding a new division to their business- ADDITIONS. This is exciting for them and for you, the customer. Adding a home additions business to the long list of skills Dream House Dream Kitchens can do exceptionally well is designed to help their customers improve the overall project experience while keeping the project on time and in focus as all aspects of your project are in one location. The decision to add a separate division to the expanding Dream House Dream Kitchen business was an easy one as ‘Dream’ has done 100’s of home additions over the past 35 years. The Schmidt family feels that adding additions will open up an entirely new set of options when you’re considering upgrading your home.

Of all home improvement projects, adding an addition is one of the more complex projects a home owner can undertake. The decision to add an addition to your home comes from people who love their current home and want to stay there. The reasons for staying in your home instead of buying a larger home could be endless so an addition makes perfect sense for many homeowners.

Building a full room or a multiple room addition to the side or the back of your home will change the floor plan of your existing home and this is going to require an experienced architect, builders, along with an experience labor force to accomplish.

Many skilled homeowners and DIY’er’s feel that an addition of any kind is far to difficult to undertake. However, Dream House Dream Kitchens encourages homeowner involvement as this will speed up the process of on the spot decision making or change orders. Because additions, even small bump outs, are big projects but if the homeowners are present or involved the process can move along smoothly and can be great fun watching the process come to life.

Dream House Dream Kitchens have been passively involved in additions for more than 35 years and have completed hundreds of them but because of a changing market and demographics the Schmidt family is now opening a new division of the business designed specifically for additions. By adding additional crews along with an experienced architect to full time, Dream House Dream Kitchens will start 2023 offering complete home addition services.

If you’re considering moving to a new home but would rather stay in the home you love give us a call as you may be the perfect candidate for adding an addition. Our team will meet with on site and offer an honest assessment of the project you’re thinking of and we will be able to answer all of your questions.