This is where smiles come from


This is the passion for many of the ‘Dreamers’ who have worked for Dream House Dream Kitchens for years and it’s how we got started 35 years ago. Taking the old and turning it into something new and amazing. Shaping and molding a project and putting all the finishing touches together and then watching it come to life in the construction phase is a passion of ours. Some of the most incredible designs started on bar napkins, and on the back junk mail envelopes, and paper grocery bags where designers scribbled down ideas and thoughts so as to not forget them. Some of those ideas became award-winning designs.

renovate & restore
If you entertain for friends and family or you just enjoy the creature comforts of your home all by yourself, staying current with updated designs and styles is important. Your home will love you for it. Just like we take care of ourselves our homes need the same attention. There are few things better than the feeling you get coming home to a home you love.
Why not make your current home a dream home.
From old to new
Whether your home is old or new, modern, or a country farmhouse, Dream has you covered. Even if you live in a condo or a townhouse we have you covered. Our certified designers and master craftsman will put it all together with seamless efficiency that is a beautiful thing to watch. Dream House pulls more building permits than any company in Dane County and we accomplished this for one simple reason.
No one remodels better than ‘Dream’.
take your breath away
The best moments in life are the ones that take your
breath away. You’re so surprised and delighted that you can’t find the words
to describe how you feel. ‘Dreamers’ live for these moments through you. When your
dream comes true we hear this:
“I had an idea of what our project would look like but never thought it would look this wonderful.”