design is an art form


This incredibly beautiful condominium was actually two condo’s combined into one magnificent open space with spectacular views of the city and Lake Monona surrounding the entire room.  Dream Tile is responsible for the dramatic use of material, design and installation in the space providing head turning wonder in every room.  Balance with color and weight in tile size was carefully considered on the cement pillar cascading up from the bottom drawing your eyes up and down the structure.  The circular area on the floor around the pillar gives the impression that the tile has melted off the pillar onto the floor.  The circular cloud at the top provides the illusion of infinity as the pillar disappears into the cloud-like ceiling.  Inside the cloud the soft lights are hidden from view and when turned on the pillar glows and sparkles from the iridescent tiles strategically placed throughout. The DREAM is complete.
Simply stunning!

dream tile at its best

Like a DREAM come true this incredible space is the showcase room for Dream Tile.  The entire design and excellence in craftsmanship is on full display in a space that could easily earn award winning distinction from Architectural Digest.  Grab a glass of wine and drift around the room taking in the stunning views both inside and out.

Dramatic is the best word when describing this incredible condo.  Spoiled might be a good word, too, but that’s another conversation when you leave and talk about the owners who live here.  But there is no denying the beauty of this spectacular living space.  Built for entertaining because there would be no reason to leave this plush and luxurious space fit for a king or queen.
The world becomes a much easier place when you figure out how you live and design
a space around that. Living an organized life allows you more time to enjoy the
simple things and have more fun.  Every aspect of this condo was designed around
how the family lived and what was important to them.
Once you figure this out you live a much better life.