This is where it all began


After 35 years of designing, installing, and entertaining in kitchens, Dream House Dream Kitchens is the premier kitchen design company in the midwest.   Award winning designers and master craftsman have been with Dream House Dream Kitchens since the very beginning and are still there.  If you’re looking to fulfill your dream and design and build a new home or an addition or just  an upgrade to your current home, your first choice of who to use should the Dream House Dream Kitchens. If exceptional quality in cabinetry, award winning designers, and attention to detail is important to you then your decision on who to use for your remodel or new home project just became an easy one.

What does creativity mean to you?  For everyone at Dream House Dream Kitchens creative thinking is a minute by minute activity where making your dream come true is their purpose.  Creativity is the spirit that drives great designers to imagine the possible.   
dreams do come true
When your project is completed you have a permanent smile on your
face and you actually talk about what your old kitchen used to look like. 
You’re filled with nostalgia of what you used to have
living in the dream of what you have now. 
It happens every time. 

Welcome to Dream House Dream Kitchens
where dreams do come true.
design design design
Great design is everything but it doesn’t come easy.  A great designer has the ability to see the things most of us cannot. They can rely on past design experience to arrive at solutions for
your project and the collaboration designers have with each other is priceless. All of our certified designers have one goal in mind and that is to make your dream come true.