Designer Magic Comes To Life ...


Beautiful features and clean lines

This amazing remodel started out as a kitchen upgrade and evolved into an entire upper level makeover fit for an architectural digest award. Walls were removed and the floor was redone and the amazing kitchen became the centerpiece of the entire room. When thumbing through the before photos, I was struck by the dynamic and bold design of the new look. It’s as if the home was able to breath again with a wide open design that captures the stunning natural views in almost all directions outside the windows. The Dream Design team shows us a vision of what could be done and that vision was made possible by a homeowner who doesn’t say “no” too often. The room is a designer dream come true.

One of the first things you notice when walking through the front door is the “fly out” in the center of the room that comes out of the wall and over the beverage and serving counter. The entire upper level is light in color but the dark fly out grabs your eye and pulls you in. This design feature carries an industrial look to it as the silver cable supports are noticeable and modern. The dark color commands your attention and the lights on the bottom side twinkle and illuminate the area in a soft glow that’s just right. You don’t really see the kitchen until you walk farther into the room and that’s when the magic begins and the entire look of the room starts to make sense.

As a photographer I immediately notice that there are three different Kelvin color temperature lights throughout the area and the natural light from the windows wash the room beautifully. Standing in the living area and looking toward the kitchen the front door becomes a prominent feature for the room and the chandelier provides the proper amount of elegance for such an open and contemporary designed room. I’m not sure what an interior decorator would call this style of home but “stunning” is the style I would use and stunning always works.

What’s interesting is that this home is deceiving from the exterior. You have no idea what you’re about to walk into because the home is actually a condo that looks like a regular free standing home anywhere in the USA. But what a surprise!

The fun part of this remodel is the homeowner. She is delightful and fun to be around. She loves showing off her home and has mentioned the social functions she has already had with family even during the pandemic. She is anxious for the holidays and decorating this incredible home and I can only imagine what this home would look like. I hope I get invited.

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