design & creativity

If you can believe it, this is a lake home.  And, it’s completely amazing in design and style.  The floor is magnificent and many people forget about designing a home and using the floor as a standout feature.  This floor carries throughout the entire home and the sun and light reflects off the shine giving the floor s senes of glow to it.

The kitchen is spectacular and built around a desire to entertain and have some fun.  The ceilings are high which give the real illusion of grandeur and a contemporary feel at the same time.  The modern design and open space allow for far more people than the size of the home actually is. 

Designing contemporary homes require a seemingly special set of design skills.  The designer has to think in a different dimension where space planning, comfort with a contemporary feel is not easily achieved.  This home is comfortable and beautiful with warm grey tomes and a selected amount of black and white.
Pops of color are everywhere and for this home, lighting is a key feature.